Current team members

  • PhD students

Zhao-Feng Yuan (袁召锋)


My research is concentrating on the Arsenic (As) movement at solid-water interface in paddy soil, with an emphasis on understanding the adsorption of Fe-oxides, newly formed at the interface, for As. This research will improve the current understanding of As movement in paddy soil, and suitable technology is hoped to be developed for remediating As-polluted paddy soil.


Williamson Gustave


Gustave received his undergraduate degree in Biology Minor Chemistry from The College of The Bahamas and his Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Engineering from Nanjing University of Information Science and Engineering.

His current research focuses on the impacts of sediment microbial fuel cells on the behavior of paddy soil trace elements.


  • FYP and UG students

Xiao-Yu Shi (石小宇)


Ke-Xin Wang (汪可欣)


Now the main interest is artificial floating island and water purification. Also interested in soil classification

Yu-Xiang Ren (任宇翔)


Focus on metal pollution and the diffusion method of it in soil. Email:

  • Technician

    Hu-Cheng Chang ( 常虎成)


Hucheng Chang did research in Southeast University and Suzhou NANO institute, CAS. His research expertise is on biological electrochemistry and electron transfer among living organisms and nanomaterial.



Previous team members

XJTLU from 2014

Yili Cheng, Technician, transferred to be the department technician.

RCEES from 2009 – 2014


Pan-Pan Liu, PhD student, Tsinghua University;

Jian-Hong Liang, PhD student, Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS;

Xiang-Rong Geng, PhD student, Oakland University, USA;

Jin-Jing Tang & Lin-Qing Deng, Military Service;

Wei-Feng Luo, PhD student, Hokkaido University, Japan;

Wu-Fan Jia, Msc student, University of Michigan, USA;


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